• Deliver better performing mobile apps

    Monitor the performance and usage of your Android, iOS & WP8 apps


How does Splunk MINT Express work?

The reasons why Splunk MINT Express is your ultimate app companion

One-Line Installation

Add Splunk MINT Express to your app with one line of code.

Collect data from your app

Get crash, performance and usage reports for your Android, iOS & WP8 apps.

Get real time intelligence

Improve your app, engage your customers, get better reviews

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Insights at a glance

A dashboard you can really use

Keep track of app usage and see how many users are affected by errors

  • View number of unique affected users
  • See which app and os versions are more affected

Pinpoint the top issues to address that urgently need attention

  • Focus on the issues that matter most
  • See how errors affect retention

Get real-time reports about how your apps perform in the wild

  • Mobdex customer satisfaction scoring
  • Discover trends

Features loved by thousands of companies

Apps using Splunk MINT Express right now

Get real-time insights into your apps. Now!


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