• Deliver better performing mobile apps

    Monitor the performance and usage of your Android, iOS apps with Splunk® Enterprise


How does Splunk MINT work?

Seamless flow from Mobile to Splunk® Enterprise through the Cloud

One-line installation

Add the Splunk MINT SDK to your app with one line of code.

Collect data from your app

The SDK will collect crash, performance and usage data for your app and send it to our Cloud servers.

Get real-time intelligence

Use the Splunk MINT app on your Splunk® Enterprise instance to pull and analyze your mobile data.

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Insights at a glance

Use the Splunk MINT Management console and see the usage of your apps at a glance

Keep track of app usage and see how many users are affected by errors

  • View number of unique affected users
  • See which app and OS versions are more affected

Pinpoint the top issues to address that urgently need attention

  • Focus on the issues that matter most
  • See how errors affect retention

Get real-time reports about how your apps perform in the wild

  • Mobdex customer satisfaction scoring
  • Discover trends

Get real-time insights into your apps. Now!


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